Welcome to the ConsenSys Grants application form. We look forward to hearing more about your project to be considered for Wave 3!

Grant Criteria

  • Projects must benefit the wider ecosystem rather than one single entity.​
  • Projects that ship software must eventually be open-sourced under a suitable OSI approved license and must have a collaborative community governance model or a well-defined path to implementing one.
  • Projects currently seeking funding are not eligible for ConsenSys Grants. However, we will not limit projects' options to fundraise in the future, if and when they need larger financial backing.

Grantee Process

Step 1: Submit your Grant Application

Step 2: If internal review rounds are passed, we will reach out for Interviews

Step 3: Acceptance Notification

​Step 4: Milestone Setting

Step 5: Mentorship Opportunities

Step 6: Grant Period Completion & Exit Interviews